4K60p IMAG Applications


Datavideo's 4K60p IMAG video production solution offers cutting-edge capabilities for live event coverage and broadcasting. With support for 4K resolution at 60 frames per second, it ensures crystal-clear image quality with smooth motion rendering, ideal for capturing every detail of live performances, conferences, or worship events.

This comprehensive solution integrates seamlessly into professional production workflows, providing versatile features such as multi-camera support, real-time editing, and live streaming capabilities. Its user-friendly interface empowers operators to efficiently manage multiple camera feeds, apply real-time effects, and deliver dynamic content to audiences in various formats.

Designed for reliability and flexibility, Datavideo's solution enables hassle-free setup and operation, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from small-scale productions to large-scale events. Whether it's enhancing the visual experience for in-person attendees or engaging remote audiences through live streaming, this 4K60p IMAG solution elevates the standard of video production with its advanced features and performance.


Datavideo's 4K60p IMAG video production solution redefines live event coverage. Integrating seamlessly into professional workflows, it offers 4K60p resolution, ensuring exceptional image quality and smooth motion rendering. The all-in-one SHOWCAST 100 encompasses video switching, camera control, monitoring, audio mixing, recording, and streaming functionalities, simplifying production tasks.

Notable features include AI-powered tracking PTZ cameras for seamless subject tracking and HDBaseT technology for streamlined cabling. Easy-to-use interfaces cater to users of all levels, making it ideal for diverse event applications, from small-scale productions to large-scale events, delivering professional-quality results with unparalleled convenience.


Solution Workflow

Datavideo's 4K IMAG solution redefines live event production with an integrated workflow. The SHOWCAST 100 combines video switching, camera control, monitoring, audio mixing, recording, and streaming in one unit for streamlined operation.

A standout feature is the inclusion of tracking PTZ cameras like the PTC-285T and PTC-305T, equipped with AI tracking technology. This advancement ensures seamless subject tracking, eliminating manual panning for enhanced viewer experience.

Additionally, HDBaseT technology reduces cable clutter by enabling high-quality video transmission over a single cable, simplifying setup.

Solution Benefits



Offers an all-in-one approach to live event production. The SHOWCAST 100 unit seamlessly integrates video switching, camera control, monitoring, audio mixing, recording, and streaming functionalities.


Simple Cabling

Solution simplifies cabling with HDBaseT technology. This streamlined approach enables high-quality video transmission over a single cable, minimizing setup complexity and reducing cable clutter.


Easy to Use

With SHOWCAST 100's  straightforward interface, combined with advanced functionalities, the solution is truly designed to be easy and accessible for all users, regardless of their level of expertise.



The solution is suitable for a wide range of applications, from small-scale productions to large-scale events, providing versatility and adaptability to various production needs.

Showcasing Brilliance with Datavideo SHOWCAST 100

The SHOWCAST 100 is a 4K 4 Channel Touch Panel Switcher housing 7 major functions such as video switching, subtitle overlay, camera control, video streaming, touch panel control, recording and audio mixing in a single box. Like a tablet, the 14 inch touch panel allows easy and intuitive access to switcher functions. Each button is assigned to do one function so that by simply pushing the button, you will be able to generate any desired video effects. This professional switcher is easy to learn.

Supporting 4K 50/60p, it gives you high quality resolutions and viewing experience. To use the SHOWCAST 100’s built-in controls to pan, tilt and zoom the connected PTZ cameras and access the relevant settings, simply connect the cameras to the switcher with a standard Ethernet cable.

4K60p 四通道觸控導播機

SHOWCAST 100 具有許多易於設定的功能,可以透過觸控螢幕輕鬆直觀地操作各種導播機功能。 


SHOWCAST 100 輕巧緊湊,優異的機動性使SHOWCAST 100在任何現場製作環境都是理想的選擇。



四路 HDMI 輸入/輸出通道專為會議、企業會議、教堂活動等的基本影片製作流程而設計。 



SHOWCAST 100 提供了兩種疊加字幕的方法。 Lumakeyed 字幕通常用於徽標、動畫文本等,另一種方法是使用內建的網路串流編碼器疊加字幕。



SHOWCAST 100 的內建攝影機控制功能,讓您可以同時控制三台雲台攝影機。 您可以直接儲存鏡頭的預設位,及時控制攝影機的運動,將畫面拉遠、拉近,以及調整白平衡、光圈和鏡像模式。



內建的雙串流直播編碼器讓您同時錄製和串流傳輸。 借助 SHOWCAST 100 的錄製功能,您可以輕鬆錄製的影片檔案,作為後期製作使用。

Auto Tracking

PTC-285T is a tracking PTZ camera. If you are filming multiple people, you can designate a person for auto tracking. Once linked to the camera, only the designated person will be tracked, avoiding interferences such as pieces of furniture or people coming in and out of the shot.

4K60p Resolution


Live productions depend on high performance cameras and camera controllers. PTC-285T supports simultaneous HDMI 2.0 and IP output up to 2160p 50/60 and also 3G-SDI output up to 1080p60/50.

Talent Position: Center / Left Side / Right Side

The positioning of talent depends on the videographer's creativity and intent rather than strict rules. Different positions can convey various emotions, messages, or visual effects. A centered composition provides a sense of stability and balance, suitable for scenes that require highlighting the main subject. Videographers may also place the talent on the left third or right third of the frame, leaving adequate space in the foreground to showcase the talent's sight direction or potential future possibilities.


Quick Selection of Full Body / Half Body / Close-up

All of the PTC-285 camera series include RMC-1AT controller. User can quickly select full-body, half-body and close up framing, making it easy to change the shooting scene and framing requirements.

PTC-280 是一款超值設計的 4K 雲台攝影機,具有 12 倍光學變焦和 16 倍數碼變焦以及高達 2160p60 的解析度。 PTC-280 支援 H.264/H.265 格式的雙串流編碼器,採用先進的 2D/3D 降噪技術的低噪訊 CMOS 感光元件,確保即使在弱光環境下拍攝,也能獲得清晰、高品質的影像。


4K 12倍光學變焦雲台攝影機


PTC-280 支援 3840x2160 解析度影像壓縮,幀數高達 59.94/60fps;第二組串流訊號的解析度為1280x720p,30fps 。 AAC、MP3 和 PCM 聲音壓縮也支援。

此外,攝影機還支援 PoE功能,便於安裝。用戶無需在安裝機位處尋找電源插座,或聘僱電工技師在您想安裝攝影機之處安裝插座,只需利用一條 CAT-6 纜線即可為您的 PTC-280 供電。

Infocomm 2023 | SHOWCAST 100 4K Production Studio, Now with Auto Tracking Control!

New at InfoComm 2023 from Datavideo: Our popular SHOWCAST 100 4K Production Studio now has built-in auto tracking control for PTZ cameras. Pair the SHOWCAST 100 with PTC-285 or PTC-305 PTZ cameras with auto tracking for a complete production solution.

An essential link to connect all your equipment for your 4K live production

The HBT-30 supplies power, Ultra HD 4K50/60 video signal, and camera control up to 3 devices up to 100 meters distance. It simultaneously outputs HDMI, RS-422 and IP control signals.


HDBaseT傳輸解決方案及4K 60p影像訊號傳輸

使用 Datavideo 的新解決方案將 HDBaseT 導入到您的製作工作流程中。 Datavideo 現在支持 HDBaseT 工作流程,解析度高達 4K 60 幀,最長傳輸距離可達 100 米。

  • HBT-30 可以透過 PoE 技術為雲台攝影機供電,利用單一乙太網路線訊號傳輸到攝影機,並可用於遠距遙控技術控制各項攝影機參數,例如光圈和鏡位預設等。最重要的是,它還可以輸出 HDMI 訊號到您的導播機。
  • HBT-50 則是透過 PoE 技術為雲台攝影機供電,利用單一乙太網路線訊號傳輸到攝影機,並可用於遠距遙控技術控制各項攝影機參數,例如光圈和鏡位預設等,輸出 SDI 訊號到您的導播機。
  • HBT-15 是一款 HDBaseT 影音傳輸器,設計用於HDBaseT傳輸發送和接收設備,HBT-15 傳輸器可將 4K 2160P影像傳輸至一百米!


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