Cybergame Tournament



Cybergame Tournament are competitive events in which players compete in a specific game. It's also a teams of people playing games against each other at a professional level. Nowadays, esports is considered as the world's fastest-growing sport. With Datavideo, you can live stream esports tournaments with low latency. Packed with AR/3D tracking & trackless features, Datavideo’s powerful TVS-3000 delivers the best e-sport gaming experience to audiences across the world.


Key Features

1. 5 in 1 3D AR Tracking & Trackless Virtual  Studio System.
2. Up to 8 Channel HD or 2 Channel 4K Processing
3. Up to 8-CH Chromakeying.
4. 4 Windows/PIP on PGM.
5. Built-In ISO Recorder for each input and PGM recording
6. Professional grade multilayer Dynamic CGPlayer/
7. Built in Slow-Mo transaction effect (GUI)
8. Supports NDI Input/Output and Camera control
9. Streaming input/s and output
10. Built-In RTMP Video Streaming server,
supports up to 8 streams output to social
media platform

Cyber Tournament Solution Kit

Most cyber tournament virtual studio solutions require expensive designated tracking devices or cranes with built in encoders. These devices are very expensive and require trained and skilled personnel. TVS-3000 uses cost effective trackers from HTC which are also being used in VR setups. These tracking devices can be mounted on your regular crane and deliver perfect results while not breaking the bank!, 4K Camera perfect capture PTC-300  with the Small box design makes it flexible to be mounted anywhere. Though it is compact, it doesn't compromise on quality. 1/2.3” 4K CMOS sensor captures high quality images and incredible details of the subject BC-15P,  the identical 4K ProRes recorder HDR-80 brings the performance in professional recording up to four 1080p streams simultaneously to separate ProRes files that are synced with the same time code, making the recorded footage easy for tracking during post-production. Built-In RTMP Video Streaming server,supports up to 8 streams output to social
media platform NVS-40