Remote Corporate Presentation

Remote Corporate Presentation

Produce corporate events and presentations without having to be on site. 

The BB-1 Kit provides remote access of Datavideo devices over the internet and acts as a DHCP server, automatically assigning IP addresses to all connected devices. BB-1’s can eliminate the need for IT professionals by virtually assigning and managing up to five Datavideo devices.

Producing corporate presentations has never been easier with this complete camera to cloud solution. 


Key Features

Remote Control
Control multiple PTZ cameras at the venue from anywhere in the world using the BB-1 KIT and dvCloud streaming service. 

Stream to multiple platforms and record in the cloud using dvCloud Professional subscription. 


A Guide to Remote Productions

This guide provides the tools needed to remotely control and preview PTZ cameras, video switchers, plus start/stop recording and streaming encoders.

Datavideo Live Remote Production Using vMix

In this video, we show you how to produce a remote video production from Datavideo using vMix and BB-1 remote control kit from Datavideo. Remotely control, switch, and operate multiple Datavideo devices over the internet with the new BB- Remote Device Control Kit and dvCloud streaming service!