Remote ROI Government Production

Regions of Interest (ROI)

ROI stands for Region of Interest. In a popular application for ROI, you can take a 4K camera and break it up into different camera angles.

Eliminate the need for multiple
cameras usually in venues where installing cameras is either difficult or cost prohibitive.


Key Features

Simplified Workflow
The KMU-200 allows you to simplify your existing workflow by taking one 4K camera source and divide it into four different HD sources. This means less equipment for you to setup and tear down.

Remote Control
Control the PTZ camera at the venue from anywhere in the world using the BB-1 KIT and dvCloud streaming service. 

Stream to multiple platforms and record in the cloud using dvCloud Professional subscription.

Datavideo Live ROI Remote Productions for City Council Meetings

Learn how to Live Stream and produce an event from a remote location using a 4K PTZ Camera, and a 4K ROI Production Switcher for multiple angles, all through the cloud! Craig and Rob show you their workflow using the power of SRT and dvCloud for a low latency remote production in real time.