One-Camera Vertical Video Streaming Solution

Vertical Video for Social Media Platforms




Do you want to stream your next product launch or a live performance to your followers on social media? This one-camera vertical video streaming solution will help you do that. You can even stream in vertical mode, so your viewers will be able to watch the live stream from their phones without needing to hold it horizontally.

Use a single 4K camera and a laptop to create a six-channel workflow for producing your live performance or a product announcement. Instead of having to squeeze in to fit inside a vertical frame of a phone, KMU-200 allows you to select four regions of interest and full screen shot from a single 4K camera, as well as an input from a laptop for a total of 6 channels. You can easily zoom in on each performer or specific area of the full screen image to create different shots to switch.


Key Features


Vertical Streaming
Built-in streaming encoder on the KMU-200 allows you to stream vertically to Facebook or Instagram Live.

Touch Screen Control
Multi-touch control allows you to set up shots, bring up menu settings and switch with a touch of your fingertips.