Universal Large Screen Prompter Kit with ENG and Freestanding Configurations

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Device Used
15" monitor with integrated dvPrompter Plus software
Camera-Mount Interface
Prompter Rail
Smartphone / Tablet Size
Multi-language Support
Chinese (Simplified)
Prompter Size (Max)
Width: 430mm
Height: 345mm
Depth: 820mm
LCD Native Resolution
LCD Brightness
350 NIT
Remote Control
* Monitoring and control via LAN
*Optional WR-500 wired hardware remote or FS-30 Foot Pedal
*Supports generic presentation remote controls with USB receivers
6.3 Kg
Operating Temp. Range
0~40 °C
12V DC (Mains adapter supplied)
V-Lock battery
PoE (optional adapter required)
Carry Case Dimensions (excluding handle)
What's in the Box
1 x Main TP-700 ENG prompter rail
1 x Smaller rail with spacer block for mounting item F
2 x ¼” Screws Length 27mm secures item Aor AA to B
1 x Hex Tool (Silver) for counter sunk Hex head screws
1 x Hex Tool (Silver) for Glass Frame Hex screws
1 x Hex Tool (Silver) for VESA Hex screws
2 x 16mm ¼ screws with washer to attach item F to item B (With red dot)
1 x 15” LCD control unit 1
1 x Glass frame with 4 Velcro straps
2 x Wing nut screws ¼” Length 19mm secures item A or AA to G
1 x Cloth Snood/Hood with Velcro straps
1 x 70/30 Glass sheet with Green and Red stickers
1 x Snood/Hood support wire
2 x ¼” Camera securing screws length 16mm
2 x ¼” Camera securing screws length 31mm
1 x Camera riser block 15mm thick
1 x USB Mouse
1 x Adapter screw to convert 3/8” hole to ¼” hole
1 x ¼” Counter sunk hex head screw length 16mm
1 x ¼” Counter sunk hex head screw length 31mm
1 x Talent monitor vertical mounting rail
1 x Talent monitor VESA adapter plate
4 x 14mm M4 screws for mounting 75MM VESA monitors
1 x Universal mains PSU
1 x Ethernet Cable 5M
1 x 3.5mm input adapter for WR-500 remote control
1 x 12V D-Tap Cable
2 x 12mm M4 Screws to secure item J
1 x Small rail to attached item G to B in a freestanding configuration
2 x 16MM M4 screw to attach item S to item B
4 x 8mm M4 screws for mounting item T
4 x 12mm M4 screws for mounting item 100MM VESA monitors