SD 4-Channel Digital Video Switcher

It is Efficient, Eminent and Exembleric

Compact and lightweight, the Datavideo SE-500 4-Channel Analog SD Video Switcher features composite and S-Video inputs and outputs for switching live events at houses of worship, conventions, educational institutions, small studios, and other venues. 

The 4 Inputs can Accept Composite Signals via BNC Connectors and S-Video via Mini-DIN Connectors

Two program output sections each have composite and S-Video options as well. 

The four inputs can accept composite signals via BNC connectors and S-Video via mini-DIN connectors. 

For Previewing All 4 Video Feeds, an Onboard Multiplexer Sends All 4 Outputs to a Single Monitor Over a Composite Video Feed

Using both the S-Video and composite outputs, a single high-quality component video stream can be sent to a compatible DVD or memory recorder. Digital sources can also be connected to the SE-500 using separately available converter boxes.

To Keep Things Simple, All Inputs are Internally Synced by a 4-Channel 4:2:2 Time Base Corrector (TBC), So no Genlock or External Syncing is Required for Achieving Smooth Transitions

Up to four channels of audio can be input via one set of stereo RCA connectors and two unbalanced 1/4" jacks. Using the onboard faders and audio meters, the sound can be mixed and properly balanced to fit your program. Balanced audio sources will require a separately available impedance switching device in order to ensure proper operation.

Once set up, use the T-bar and illuminated selection buttons to switch and apply effects to your video signals. Some built-in transitions include dissolves, fades, and wipes. The SE-500 can also be controlled via RS-232 (DIN-15 connector) and MIDI. Essential effects such as picture-in-picture (PiP), color processing, and split-screen are also integrated into the SE-500. 

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SD 4-Channel Digital Video Switcher

Model Number
Video Standard
Video Format
NTSC 480i 59.94Hz
PAL 576i 50Hz
Video Processing
SDI: 4:2:2
Input Routable / Crosspoint
Video Input
4x CV or 4x Y/C
Mix HD & SD Source
Computer Graphic Interface
Video Output
2x CV & 1x Y/C or 1x CV & 1x YUV
1x CV Quad PVW
Down-Converted Output
Built-in Multi-view Monitoring Out
1x CV
Analogue Audio Input
2x ¼” Mic jack
2x Unbalanced RCA (pair)
Analogue Audio Output
2x Unbalanced RCA (pair)
Digital Embedded Audio Support
Audio Delay Calibration
A+V Switching
Title Creator
Picture in Picture
Logo Insertion
Still Store
Quad, Split, 11 Wipe with border
Transition Preview
Sync / Reference In/Out
Built-in Genlock (internal)
Tally Output
1x D-sub 15pin, dual color
PC Remote Control
Via RS-232
Built-in Audio Mixer
3 channels
Special Features
Dimension (LxWxH)
398 x 260 x 82 mm
2.2 kg
DC 12V 18W
Operating Temp. Range
0~40 °C
What's in the Box
1 x SE-500 product
1 x AD Switch DC 12V
2 x BNC to RCA Connector
1 x YUV (BNCx3 to S+BNC) Cable


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