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PTZ Camera Tutorial-Mounting Streaming and Controlling

Apr 08 2021

How to Stream from PTZ camera

Datavideo’s PTC-140 camera series comes with a built-in streaming encoder. You can stream directly to your choices of CDN, such as Facebook or YouTube. Having a built-in encoder means that you can use a single camera for your production.

Since the PTC-140 camera is a pan, tilt, zoom camera, you can still have multiple angles from a single camera. With the use of a physical controller like the RMC-180 or RMC-300A; or a controller app from a tablet, you can pan, tilt, and zoom the camera to create multi-angle production that you can stream.

Below is a tutorial video on how to stream from the PTC-140 camera.


How to Mount PTZ Camera

Datavideo offers a sturdy wall mount for the PTZ cameras. WM-1 wall mount, which comes in black and white colors, is the perfect companion to Datavideo PTZ cameras.

Here is a tutorial on how to mount a PTZ camera on a wall using the WM-1 mount.

The Best PTZ Camera Controller

Datavideo offers different options when it comes to controlling a PTZ camera. There is a controller that uses the serial protocol. There is a controller that uses IP protocol. If you like a more portable controller from a tablet, there is also a camera control app, PTZ View Assist, free to download from the App Store or Play Store.

The controller that uses serial protocol is RMC-180. It can control up to four PTZ cameras and saves four preset memory settings per camera. You can also access the camera’s OSD menu from the RMC-180 for easy camera configuration.

The controller that uses IP and serial protocols are RMC-300A. It can control up to 24 cameras via IP control and eight cameras over serial control. Like the RMC-180, RMC-300A allows you to save camera presets and get access to the camera OSD right from the control panel. A large touch screen panel makes it easy to navigate and operate efficiently.

Finally, we have app control. The PTZ View Assist app is free to download from the App Store or Play Store. It can control up to 4 cameras simultaneously, as well as save preset settings for each camera.

Here is a tutorial video on how to control the cameras using the PTZ View Assist app.


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