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Datavideo New RMC-300A Multi-Camera Controller with 5” Touch Screen

Jan 18 2021

Datavideo is pleased to introduce a breakthrough multifunctional camera controller called the RMC-300A. It is able to control up to 24 PTZ and block cameras by Ethernet or 8 cameras by RS-422 Serial. It supports a total of up to 24 cameras using a combination of IP and RS-422 (max 8). The RMC-300A can control Datavideo PTZ cameras, robotic PTZ heads and switchers up to 12 channels via serial RS-422 or IP.

A user friendly GUI combined with a 5" touch panel control and tactile control buttons and knobs enable operators to quickly manage multiple cameras for larger productions. Setting up camera presets is now easier than ever with the RMC-300A.

My favorite part of the RMC-300A is the built-in touch screen panel that allows me to easily change settings of each camera. I also like that I can adjust focus and iris of each camera using a small dial right from the RMC-300A,” says, Craig Moffat, Managing Director of Datavideo USA.


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