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Professional CCU-200 HDBaseT Camera Control Unit is Now Available Worldwide

Professional CCU-200 HDBaseT Camera Control Unit is Now Available Worldwide

Mar 18 2020

Datavideo is proud to announce that their latest version of CCU system is now shipping worldwide! CCU-200 is an innovative CCU solution that is using HDBaseT to easily connect several Datavideo products into an effective and professional studio system. This CCU system is a complete solution including 4 AD-3 breakout boxes that mount on any V-mount.

Built-in HDBaseT technology allows receiving Full HD 1080p signals from Cameras via CAT6 cable with a maximum transmission distance of 100 meters when using the CB-66 cable. It is also able to provide power to cameras, thereby solving the problem of lacking power supply in the field in the event of long-distance transmission.

With a specific all in one cable CB-65 (50m) or CB-66 (100m), the CCU-200 system simultaneously handles video signals for camera video output, Program looks back video, camera control, tally and intercom signals between the cameras and a video switcher.

CCU-200 supports intercom coming from the ITC-300 intercom. This intercom can be connected with a network connection. CCU-200 also supports external camera control over RS-232 and RS-422. The system has transparent I/O available to connect your camera controller. Alternatively, CCU-200 can connect to the MCU-400 to control up to 4 Datavideo BC-100 cameras.

The Datavideo AD-3 is a camera breakout box that allows connections between the CCU-200 and a camera with the operator. AD-3 provides the video output, headset signal, RMC-240 and camera control.

The included RMC-240 lookback helps the camera operator to switch between live and program view on his lookback monitor.

Key Features

• Control up to 4 cameras from one CCU-200 Camera Control Unit combine with
the supplied AD-3 and RMC-240 units.
• Built-in HDBaseT technology to transmit video, audio, camera control signal with
maximum transmission distance of 100 meters.
• Full HD 1080p video transmission from the camera
• A return look back video signal from CCU-200 to AD-3 for the camera operator
• Switch camera video and Lookback video at AD-3
• Support PIP mode of camera video and Lookback video
• Power to AD-3 by CCU-200
• Remote control Iris, Focus, Gain and other functions of cameras
• Two-way intercom with camera operators using an ITC-300 digital intercom system


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