SHOWCAST 100 Bundle with Three PTZ Cameras and Transport Case
EUR $9,150.00

SHOWCAST 100 Bundle with Three PTZ Cameras and Transport Case

EUR $9,150.00

Showcast 100 Full Production Bundle

BDL-1607 is a complete production ready bundle with three cameras and a SHOWCASTt 100 production station. The beating heart of this bundle is the SHOWCAST 100, our flagship 4K UHD workstation with built-in camera controller, streaming and recording. Three PTC-280's are included and are perfect for any small to medium sized 4K UHD production with broadcast quality. You can connect another HDMI source to the SHOWCAST 100 for a presentation or titles via lumakey. The cameras are controlled directly from the SHOWCAST 100 control panel, and the presets can be triggered from the 14" touch screen. HC-800 is the carrying solution for this bundle, with room for three cameras, the power supplies and extra space for cables*.

*Cables are situation specific and therefore not included. Datavideo recommends using high quality HDMI cables up 15 meters, or active optical cables up to 100 meters. 

Datavideo SHOWCAST 100 Production Bundle

1 X SHOWCAST 100 4K SHOWCAST Streaming Studio

3 X PTC-280 4K PTZ Cameras

1 X HC-800 Protective Case


The SHOWCAST 100 is an all in one switcher featuring Video Switching, Streaming, Recording, Camera Control and Audio Mixing in one box. It is a UHD 4K 4-input switcher with an integrated 14-inch touch panel. The built-in network streaming encoder allows you to stream videos to all major streaming platforms live. Moreover, the video stream can be recorded to the SD card for backup purpose. The SHOWCAST 100 offers remote control of multiple cameras settings such as pan, tilt, zoom, iris, focus, gain and white balance. It connects up to 3 Datavideo cameras over a long distance via Ethernet cables.

The switcher is equipped with luma key for graphic overlays, split screen for podcast interviews, and PiP for PowerPoint presentations. It is also equipped with a built-in audio mixer allowing users to directly connect microphones and other audio sources.

Key Features


All-in-One Features

The SHOWCAST 100 features 7 major functions, it can switch video, overlay text and graphics, control cameras, live stream, record, and mix audio all from a single unit. 


Touch Panel Control

The 14-inch touch panel allows easy and intuitive access to switcher functions. Operating the SHOWCAST 100 is as easy as using a tablet.


4K Resolution

Supporting 4K 50/60p, the SHOWCAST 100 provides high clarity and fine details. With other 4K devices, they form a complete 4K video production system for a variety of programs.



All the production equipment fit inside the HC-800 carry case. This allows you to easily roll into an auditorium and quickly set up all the equipment.


SHOWCAST 100: The Ultimate All-In-One Solution

Meet the SHOWCAST 100 – the heart of the BDL-1607 bundle. This 4K 4-Channel Touch Panel Switcher is a revolutionary all-in-one solution that empowers you to switch video, overlay graphics, control cameras, live stream, record, and mix audio seamlessly from a single unit. With a 14-inch touch panel interface reminiscent of a tablet, accessing and controlling the SHOWCAST 100's functions is intuitive and effortless. Whether you're producing IMAG applications or live events, this compact powerhouse delivers professional results.


PTC-280: Your 4K PTZ Powerhouses

Included in the bundle are three PTC-280 Professional PTZ Cameras. With 4K50/60p capabilities, these cameras redefine how you capture visuals. Whether controlled via traditional RS-422 serial port or IP remote control using Datavideo's proprietary DVIP protocol or Sony VISCA over IP, the PTC-280 offers unmatched flexibility. Dual streaming output makes it easy to reach wider audiences, simultaneously streaming to platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

HC-800: Your Portable Production Solution

Transport your production setup with ease using the HC-800 carrying case. Designed to accommodate the ShowCast 100 and PTC-280 cameras, this case ensures your equipment stays protected during transportation. With designated compartments and extra space for cables, the HC-800 brings convenience to your production journey.

  • Heavy duty case made from super strong polypropylene.
  • Shock proof, vibration proof, dust proof and rust proof.
  • Sealed for moisture protection.
  • Handy pull-out handle and wheels for easy transporting.
  • Laser cut foam inlay that precisely fits three PTC-140T cameras including cables and the HS-1600T power supply.

SHOWCAST 100 4K Production Studio with 4K PTZ Demo

SHOWCAST 100 features 4 channels, PTZ camera control, live streaming, recording, overlay and text graphics, as well as audio mixing - for an All-In-One Solution. Similar to a tablet, the 14-inch touch panel allows easy and intuitive access to switcher functions.

The SHOWCAST 100's built-in camera control functions allow you to simultaneously control three PTZ cameras. You can directly save the lens position presets, pan and tilt positions in real time and zoom in and out of a shot. In addition, you can adjust the white balance, iris and mirror mode of each camera.

SHOWCAST 100 4K Production Studio, Now with Auto Tracking Control

New at InfoComm 2023 from Datavideo: Our popular SHOWCAST 100 4K Production Studio now has built-in auto tracking control for PTZ cameras. Pair the SHOWCAST 100 with PTC-285 or PTC-305 PTZ cameras with auto tracking for a complete production solution.


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