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Datavideo Announces New HD Video Switcher and H.264 USB Recorder

Datavideo Announces New HD Video Switcher and H.264 USB Recorder

Jan 03 2017


SE-650 is a four input standalone HD video switcher that is compact and loaded with professional features. It has two HD-SDI and two HDMI inputs, making it an ideal switcher solution for a small production in any application. A unique feature of SE-650 is the built-in four channel audio mixer with microphone and RCA audio inputs. This is great for AV applications such as corporate meetings, presentations, and panel discussions. In addition to a built-in audio mixer, SE-650 has professional switcher features such as DSK, Chromakey, Lumakey, PIP, still store, and user memories.  Using SE-650 in conjunction with HDR-1 gives users an all-inclusive package for switching and recording a video production.



HDR-1 is a standalone H.264 USB recorder that is portable and easy to use. It records MP4 (H.264_AAC) video format files, which is ideal for archiving footage from a worship seminar, corporate meeting, school morning announcement, or a live concert. One of the advantages of HDR-1 over other similar recorders in the market is that it has redundant power system (UPS), will switch to power bank charging when main power is off (with power bank connected) and works independently of a PC. The professional features and user-friendliness of the SE-650 and HDR-1 make the pair great for every small production in various vertical markets.



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