Press Conference



Whether planned or in response to a crisis, a successful press conference involving planning before, during, and after the event. A press conference may be a planned event or one called at short notice in response to a crisis, they are held when a press release is not sufficient and there is a need to give more detailed information to the media and to received and answer questions.


Key Features


Leverage Your Press Conference Virtually by 4K Perfect Capture

Simplify your press conference by taking one 4K camera source and a laptop to create a 6 channel workflow, and divide it into four different HD sources, to document your meetings/conference better, you can easily zoom in on each speaker or specific area of the full screen image to create different shots to switch and stream vertically to Facebook or Instagram Live.

GOV-200 Solution Kit


Create high quality content and stream it over the internet with GOV-200. Solution kit includes a 4K Processor KMU-200, a stunning 4K resolution Camera PTC-280 (up to 2160P) that can be controlled from a tablet with PTZ VIEW ASSIST APP and a Capture Box CAP-2 for video conferencing such as Google meet, Zoom, MS team or Social Media platforms without haste.