Single Operator Corporate

One 4K Camera + Laptop to 6 Video Channels




Use a single 4K camera and a laptop to create a six-channel workflow for producing your panel discussion. Simplify your workflow with a KMU-200, which allows you to select four regions of interest and full screen shot from a single 4K camera, as well as an input from a laptop for a total of 6 channels. You can easily zoom in on each panelist to create different shots to switch. KMU-200 also has a built-in streaming encoder and recorder. 


Key Features


Built-in streaming encoder on the KMU-200 allows you to stream to your choice of CDN.

Touch Screen Control
Multi-touch control allows you to set up shots, bring up menu settings and switch with a touch of your fingertips. 

Easy Control of Virtual Cameras

Users can easily control the video cutout sources by using the touch screen and well known gestures such as pinching and swiping. The joystick, zoom knob and hardware buttons can also be used alternatively.


Producing Full HD Virtual Multi-Camera Video Using a Single 4K Camera

A single 4K camera can be utilized to obtain 4 cut outs or regions of interest. The KMU-200 is perfect for interview application with small panels or smaller houses of worship.  With Social distancing becoming commonplace, the KMU-200 reduces the amount of cameras needed to get your production streamed live.

Record in H.264 Format on SD Card

While your show is live, KMU- 200 helps you to stream and live recording at the same time. Provide you the full turn-key solution.


Additional HDMI Input with Loop Out

The additional HDMI input allows the option to show an additional camera angle or to connect a computer's display-output to the KMU-200 for presentation software. The HDMI loop out allows for production directors to have direct monitoring of the presentation input. All HDMI inputs have built-in strain relief bars to make sure nothing is left to chance during your production, by reducing the chances of cables becoming unplugged

One-Operator Video Production Solution | PTC-280 and KMU-200

Here's Datavideo's new KMU-200 Kit, which includes KMU-200 and PTC-280. It's a single-operator solution that includes an easy-to-use panel for switching and camera control. It can also perform dual-platform streaming, recording, and has built-in audio controls.

Datavideo KMU-200 Tutorial

Here's a brief tour of the new KMU-200 and how to switch a 6-channel production using this unit.