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BC-15 Camera Series by Datavideo: Advanced 4K Professional Streaming Cameras

Compact and Versatile Datavideo BC-15 Series 4K Block Cameras are Available

Apr 22 2024

The BC-15 Camera Series by Datavideo offers cutting-edge technology in a compact package, ideal for professionals in diverse video capture—from gaming tournaments to live presentations. This series stands out with its 4K capabilities and versatile connectivity options, ensuring high-quality video production in any setting.

High-Quality Imaging in a Sleek Design

The BC-15 Series features a 1/2.3" CMOS sensor known for excellent low-light performance, making it capable of capturing stunningly detailed images. Supporting 4K 50/60p output, it delivers crisp, vibrant visuals that bring content to life.  Because of its cube shape and compactness, the BC-15 series camera can be installed anywhere in any orientation. Whether you're filming a live event, a documentary, or a creative project, the BC-15 series delivers stunning visuals. 

Flexible Connectivity

The BC-15 offers multiple output options, including HDMI and Power over Ethernet (PoE), for seamless integration into various workflows. The BC-15CN and BC-15PN models extend these capabilities with NDI-HX technology, allowing single-cable video, audio, and control signal transmission with a single CAT-6 cable. Its adaptability allows for effortless incorporation into existing setups, while its robust construction ensures reliable performance in any shooting conditions.

Customizable Lens Options

Datavideo BC-15 series caters to specific user needs with different models.  BC-15P and BC-15PN include two interchangeable lenses. The standard lens gives an excellent clear quality of a close-up POV shot, while the wide-angle lens captures a wide shot of your subject in great detail. BC-15C and BC-15CN adopt CS mount for a broad selection of lenses and include DC-IRIS for automatic exposure adjustment.  Users can adopt the lenses in different application environments to capture flawless video.

Streamlined Streaming Capabilities

With support for high-efficiency streaming, the BC-15 Series excels in broadcasting to platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Utilizing Datavideo's dvCloud, it can simultaneously stream to multiple platforms, ensuring broad reach and engagement.

Datavideo BC View Assist App Support

The BC View Assist App is incredibly convenient for users of BC-15 devices! With features like remote camera control and real-time previewing, the app offers a seamless experience for adjusting video settings on the go. Monitoring key camera settings directly from a mobile device adds another layer of accessibility and flexibility, making it easier for users to manage their equipment efficiently. This app is a valuable tool for anyone looking to optimize their video production workflow.

Datavideo's BC-15 Series combines exceptional 4K imaging and advanced connectivity in an elegant and practical design. Whether you choose the lens flexibility of the BC-15C and BC-15P or the enhanced network capabilities of the BC-15CN and BC-15PN, this series promises to elevate your video production to professional heights.


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