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Datavideo Enhances SHOWCAST 100 with Advanced Auto-Tracking and Improved PTZ Camera Support | Datavideo

Datavideo Enhances SHOWCAST 100 with Advanced Auto-Tracking and Improved PTZ Camera Support

Apr 11 2024

Datavideo is pleased to announce the release of a revolutionary update to SHOWCAST 100 4K Production Studio. The latest update introduces advanced auto-tracking features, offering users unparalleled control and customization for seamless live video production.

Datavideo SHOWCAST 100 4K Production Studio now boasts advanced AI technology that enables effortless customization and control of auto-tracking cameras. This innovative feature revolutionizes how live video producers capture dynamic presentations, lectures, performances, and events, making it the ultimate single-operator solution for complex productions.

The latest update to the SHOWCAST 100 marks a significant advancement in live video production technology. With the integration of cutting-edge auto-tracking capabilities, users can now enjoy seamless tracking of talent across various positions within the frame. Whether positioned at the center, left, or right, Datavideo's auto-tracking ensures smooth and accurate tracking, allowing for dynamic and engaging video content.

Moreover, Datavideo has introduced a quick selection feature for framing options, including full-body, half-body, and close-up shots. With a simple touch, users can effortlessly switch between different framing options to suit their specific shooting requirements. This intuitive feature empowers users to adapt quickly to changing scenes and capture the desired shot with ease and precision.

"The latest update to the SHOWCAST 100 reaffirms Datavideo's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction," said Craig Moffat, Managing Director of Datavideo USA. "With enhanced auto-tracking capabilities and support for quick selection of framing options, users can elevate their live video productions to new heights, delivering compelling content that captivates audiences.”

Datavideo SHOWCAST 100, with customizable and AI-powered auto-tracking cameras, represents a significant leap forward in live video production technology. Datavideo also plans to update additional products with advanced auto-tracking capabilities in the near future. For more information about the SHOWCAST 100's new auto-tracking features, please visit:


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