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Datavideo Announces a Stand-Alone Teleprompter for PTZ Cameras | Datavideo

Datavideo Announces a Stand-Alone Teleprompter for PTZ Cameras

Mar 13 2023

Datavideo today announced TP-900, a teleprompter for pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) cameras.  The benefits of using a robotic PTZ camera in studios, corporate and live events venues is growing in popularity with video professionals since they allow fewer operators during any video production.  However, using teleprompters with PTZ cameras has always been a challenge due to the frame of the teleprompter getting in the video shot when moving the robotic lens of a PTZ camera.    The TP-900 has a unique design which has the camera being mounted upside down on an adjustable pantograph mount lift which allows the camera lens to be positioned as close as possible to the prompter glass for a wider field of view.

TP-900 has a large 25”, 70/30 beam splitter glass which provides any presenter to see the text of the prompter from multiple distances and angles on a stage, studio, or corporate boardroom.  The TP-900 also includes a 15” LCD monitor with built-in dvPrompter Plus software app.  The DvPrompter app eliminates the need for a separate tablet or device to operate the prompter scrolling text.  Networking multiple Datavideo Prompters is now possible through the DvPrompter app, which provides editing text easier to install for the presenter as well as provide multiple synced prompters when needed.  If one prefers a 3rd party prompter software, the built-in monitor includes an HDMI input for laptops so any scrolling text can be mirrored to the TP-900 glass.

“One of the great benefits of the TP-900 is that it allows for the presenter to keep perfect eye-to-eye contact with the camera while walking freely on a stage” said Craig Moffat, Managing Director of Datavideo USA.

The TP-900 has been tested with many large and small PTZ cameras making it compatible with the majority of PTZ models on the market today, including the new Sony FR-7. Tracking cameras are also compatible with TP-900, which eliminates the need for a camera operator during a presentation. Datavideo has a full range of compatible tracking cameras including the PTC-145, PTC-285 and PTC-305 cameras.

TP-900 MSRP is $1,499 and it is available now through authorized Datavideo resellers. Please visit our website at for more information.


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