Wrapping Up ISE 2017, A Promising Week in AV Land

Wrapping Up ISE 2017, A Promising Week in AV Land

Mar 01 2017

We’re looking back at a prosperous week in the Amsterdam Rai where we were for the 2017 edition of Integrated Systems Europe. This growing show proves that AV is a rapidly growing market with great importance for Datavideo. This year over 73000 attendees travelled to Amsterdam to visit this integration and AV show. 


We’ve shown our new streaming server software, DVS-200. This streaming software is able to encode, decode, transcode, stream and deliver the contents to the vast amount of screens there are nowadays. Our hardware encoder, NVS-25, sends the contents of your production to the DVS-200 software running on a server. The server can then store that incoming stream for later use via video-on-demand through a web portal. Also, the server can transcode that stream to various bitrates for use in different places. For instance; a high bitrate stream goes to Youtube Live and to Facebook. A lower bandwidth stream is available for cell phones on the go, whilst a higher bandwidth stream is available for people connected through high speed wifi. DVS-200 can do much more, and we will show you its possibilities in the upcoming period.


 We’ve shown various integrations possible with the SE-1200MU. The strength of the unit is that it’s compatible with a vast array of integration partners. For this show, we’ve programmed a Crestron processor to be used with an iPad. The iPad can control the PTC-150 cameras and the switcher. An integration like this shows that Datavideo products can be used in AV installations for all markets. SE-1200MU can be integrated in higher end installations as well. We’re presenting an installation within the Cerebrum software of high-end broadcast brand Axon. This installation shows that the full extent of the SE-1200MU can be used within high-end broadcast as well. The streaming multiviewer is a very handy part of this.

Handcarry systems

On the handcarry side we’ve shown the new HS-1500T. This HDBaseT switcher can be used with our HDBaseT cameras in a very easy fashion. These cameras connect their power, signal and control all by one wire. The CAT6 cables are very easy to obtain and are already present in a lot of buildings, making building up very easy. Depending on the quality of cable you can extend up to 100 meters.


We’re also very proud to announce our award winning 4K signal processor KMU-100 is now shipping. KMU-100 is available for a base price of € 4850,- and the hardware control panel can be obtained for € 915,-

Our next show will be the CABSAT in Dubai, where we are on the booth D2-10 of Oasis Enterprises.  


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