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Datavideo Launches Low Cost Streaming Platform |Datavideo

Datavideo Launches Low Cost Streaming Platform

Dec 16 2015

Launching at BVE 2016 in London, Datavideo’s new streaming solution enables organizations and individuals to set up their own multi-channel streaming service. With an initial investment of less than £1,000 and a $5 monthly subscription to a cloud network, users can stream live, create a video on demand library and share (or restrict) video content globally. The entire set up is designed to take around 10 minutes and to be fully scalable, with channel owners determining the audience size and the number of channels.

“Just sending live video from one office to another can be technically challenging. Streaming live video to audiences worldwide can be even more problematic, with intrusive advertising or high service charges. Datavideo’s streaming solution is the answer; it’s a cost-effective, flexible and very easy to use.”
Said Adam Levitt, Datavideo’s UK Technical Manager

The new Datavideo solution avoids complexities of installing and managing streaming servers or the high cost associated with a paid for streaming service. It is free of advertising and offers potentially unlimited live streaming capabilities.

In a typical workflow, a live HD source is streamed using Datavideo’s NVS-25 low-cost H.264 encoder. This communicates with DVS-100P software which is easily installed on any standard cloud service, such as Amazon or DigitalOcean. Viewers can then watch live using any connected screen, such as an Android, iOS, Windows or MacOS device, or even a Smart TV with a web browser. Alternatively, live streams can be remotely decoded using an NVD-20, for playout onto HDMI screens.

Additional live sources can be encoded by additional NVS-25 devices, giving organizations a multi-channel streaming system. Each live stream can be recorded by DVS-100P and loaded into a private online library. Other video clips and programmes can also be uploaded for viewing on demand.

The Datavideo streaming solution is now available from authorized resellers.


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