Seventh-day Adventist Church in Taipei Uses Datavideo Products to Live Stream their Worship Services

Seventh-day Adventist Church in Taipei Uses Datavideo Products to Live Stream their Worship Services

Aug 24 2022

Seventh-day Adventist Church, Songshan Church, is located in the center of Taipei City. The church has been around for more than 40 years, and it needed to upgrade its audiovisual equipment to keep up with today's technology. They needed to be able to reach a wider audience, so live streaming their services was the solution., The church then asks the Audiovisual Leadership Company to help upgrade their video and audio hardware.

Audiovisual Leadership Company is a professional system integrator specializing in audiovisual facilities installation for conference halls, auditoriums, theaters, and churches. Considering that the video production system will be operated by volunteers who are not professional AV technicians, the company has to design a live video production workflow that can do live streaming and is easy to use.

The church adopts Datavideo live streaming solution; the workflow includes a Datavideo SE-2200  6-channel HD video switcher, two PTC-150 PTZ cameras, an RMC-180 camera controller, and an NVS-33 live streaming encoder. Datavideo SE-2200 switcher has six SDI and HDMI inputs, which can support multiple input signals from cameras and other video applications such as a laptop. The switcher also features 4-channel audio inputs, a picture-in-picture (PIP), and logo insertion. It is an ideal switcher for medium-large event production, and it is also cost-effective.

Next, the church chose the PTC-150, the 30X optical zoom PTZ cameras, which can cover large-scale venue shooting. This professional broadcast-grade camera is superior in terms of the size of the CMOS sensor, noise reduction, high ISO performance, and optical zoom. The PTC-150 cameras present a clear and sharp image which is better than shooting with a smartphone. Moreover, these PTZ cameras can be controlled by the RMC-180 camera controller. The operator can save the presets of the camera position in advance so that he can recall the preset positions promptly by just pressing the buttons. The NVS-33 is a reliable live streaming encoder to live stream videos to YouTube.

The church introduced this live production equipment long before the pandemic. At that moment, watching live streaming videos was not as popular as now. Some church members even doubted if applying the new live video production system was necessary. But their question was soon answered. When the pandemic began, the church members could not go to church in person for the worship services. Fortunately, the church members could still watch the worship services through live streaming videos. Live streaming videos are crucial to keeping the church members' fellowship during the pandemic.

Datavideo's video equipment has changed the church's video production. "We used to spend a lot of effort on post-production before uploading the content to the website ." "The Datavideo solution makes live streaming the worship services much easier." Said Mr. Ji , the volunteer of the church. "Datavideo's video equipment reduces the need for the workforce. A single operator can perform video switching, cameras, and laptop controlling that used to ask three people to carry out all of the tasks. Now it only needs one operator can do all of the tasks." Mr. Hsieh said, the manager of Audiovisual Leadership Company.


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