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New PTZ View Assist App is Available for Download Now | Datavideo

New PTZ View Assist App is Available for Download Now

May 17 2023

The new Datavideo PTZ View Assist app is available for free download.   The app allows users can control up to four cameras simultaneously via tablets and smartphones.   PTZ View Assist is designed explicitly for the Datavideo PTZ camera series, including PTC-140, PTC-280, PTC-285, PTC-300, and PTC-305 models.

Using the PTZ View Assist app, users can monitor real-time streaming video from the cameras and easily adjust settings such as white balance, focus, and iris.  The app also allows intuitive configuration and preset recall, making it convenient to switch camera angles.  The app decodes the live streaming via RTSP and SRT, providing users with live video feeds and real-time parameter adjustments.  PTZ View Assist is a well-integrated camera control app.

The new version of the PTZ View Assist app offers even more features.  It includes an auto-tracking function controlling Datavideo tracking PTZ cameras like the PTC-285 and PTC-305 series.  Users can also adjust the pan and tilt speed of the PTZ cameras for more precise control over their movements.

Datavideo provides the PTZ View Assist app for iOS and Android versions, and they are available for free download on Google Play and the App Store.  If you're looking for a simple way to control multiple PTZ cameras and take advantage of live video feed, the PTZ View Assist app is worth trying.


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