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Datavideo Award-Winning Robotic Pan Tilt Head and Camera Control Solution Supports Panasonic Video Cameras

Datavideo Award-Winning Robotic Pan Tilt Head and Camera Control Solution Supports Panasonic Video Cameras

Sep 21 2022


Many professional video producers look for a solution to remote control their favorite high-quality video cameras. Datavideo is pleased to announce that their robotic pan tilt head solution supports various Panasonic cameras to turn them into high-quality robotic cameras. 

Datavideo PTR-10 MARK II robotic pan tilt head has been tested with various Panasonic M4/3 video cameras and professional camcorders and is verified to work well.  After the carefully field test, we suggest the PTR-10 MARK II is compatible with Panasonic DC-BGH1,DC-BS1H, HC-X2000, HC-X1500, HC-X2, HC-X20,AG-X2 and AG-X20. The PTR-10 MARK II allows the video producer to mount the cameras in inaccessible locations, such as on the ceiling or the high wall. In addition, the PTR-10 MARK II can be remotely controlled by the RMC-180 MARK II Camera Controller. With the help of Datavideo robotic pan tilt head solution, video producers now have a cost-effective and versatile solution to optimize the usage of their existing video cameras.

User Story from Smosh

Smosh is one of the most popular channels on YouTube, with over 40 million subscribers and hasbillions of views, making it the largest sketch comedy brand on the Internet.

In February 2022, Smosh established its new studio in Los Angels to upgrade its production capability. Smosh uses more than a dozen video cameras to capture the live show in the new studio. Among these cameras, the team mounts two BGH1s on the truss, which is difficult to access by personnel. So, the team mounts the cameras on Datavideo PTR-10 MARK II. And it is very convenient to operate the cameras from the other room with a RMC-180 MARK II.

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Award-Winning Solution

Datavideo robotic pan tilt head solution won a Videomaker Best of NAB 2022 Award! This award-winning solution integrates the application of Datavideo PTR-10 MARK II pan tilt head, ZEK-2 Zoom Encoder Kit, and RMC-180 MARK II camera controller, turning the M4/3 cameras into high-resolution PTZ cameras.

The Datavideo RMC-180 MARK II can control up to four PTR-10 MARK II, providing one operator solution to produce multi-camera live production. ZEK-2 Zoom Encoder Kit is a mechanical device that allows you to mount the Tilta Nucleus-M motor and convert the manual Zoom camera into a robotic pan tilt zoom remote control camera. By applying the Tilta Nucleus-M Motor Kit, the user can also control the Zoom function of this camera and even recall the pre-stored zoom position.

Testimonials from Professional Video Creator 

PhotoJoseph is a photographer, filmmaker, YouTuber, content producer, and also a Panasonic LUMIX Ambassador. In this video, PhotoJoseph will show you how to mount a camera such as a LUMIX BGH1 or BS1H on a robotic pan tilt head and operate it like a PTZ camera.


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