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Datavideo Supports Mahjong Masters to Live Stream the Mahjong Games to the Professional Sports Channels | Datavideo

Datavideo Supports Mahjong Masters to Live Stream the Mahjong Games to the Professional Sports Channels

Apr 11 2022

Mahjong refers to the "Chinese quintessence," and now the "Game of Mahjong" is finally being live streamed on TV and the internet. The "Mahjong Masters" produced by Funway Esports is the first live show of mahjong game broadcast on professional sports channels. The show has widely received good reviews from the audience since the show has been on TV. Through the explanation by the anchor and the commentator, the audience can also feel the game's tension.

 "We want to turn mahjong into a professional online game and allow more people to learn about mahjong via the live videos," said Dennis, the Chief of Marketing Office of Funway Esports.

To present a professional live Mahjong game, the production team of Mahjong Master had referred to Datavideo's esports live broadcast solution. Although live-streaming the Mahjong game is somehow similar to esports, the presentation of content and facilities installation is not the same as esports live production. Thus, Datavideo technical team customizes a workflow for Mahjong Master.

Mahjong Masters uses four Datavideo PTC-150 cameras. The four PTZ cameras are installed around the four corners of the room. Each camera has a preset position to capture the player's tiles. The good view of the game is from a BC-80 block camera hanging above the card table. And a BC-50 block camera focus on the anchor and the commentator. To quickly switch the cameras' shots during the live production, each camera has stored several preset positions. So, the director can recall the preset positions of each camera to capture the images of players' tiles and their expressions by using the RMC-300A camera controller in the control room at ease. 


The production team uses the Datavideo HS-3200 MobileCast to produce the live video of the mahjong game. By presenting multiple views from the players, the audience realizes what kind of strategy the player takes. Besides the video switching and streaming functions of the HS-3200, the team also likes the built-in chromakey feature. The producer can apply different virtual-set themes to produce a unique style and innovative live video.


Datavideo devotes to developing more diverse solutions and a better user experience for the market. Take Datavideo's esports solution, for example. The solution has been proven very popular, with the users' feedback that they are well designed and easy to use. Thanks to the opportunity provided by Mahjong Masters, it is the first time for Datavideo to use video equipment to live stream the tile-based games.


"People all of the world watch our stream, and they are always amazed by the high-quality content and image quality!" said Calvin, the Executive Director.  Not only the Mahjong Master production team is delighted with the solutions, but Datavideo is also pleased to see more diverse and creative AV applications.


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