What's new at ISE 2016 |Datavideo

What's new at ISE 2016

Jan 28 2016

Cloud CDN

Broadcasting live productions through the internet is very popular. All you need is an encoder, and an ingestion platform like Youtube Live, UStream or other RTMP enabled services. If you don’t want to rely on a service like that, you can choose to host your own Wowza server, or you could use our own DVS-100 CDN solution! Running DVS-100 is done on a cloudserver, hosted by Amazon, DigitalOcean or others. DVS-100 offers you easy manageable ingestion and play out of your channels. The professional version offers you even more, like VOD and pay-per-view controls. For more info, check out the website. DVS-100 is a free download, and the professional version costs $275 per license.

SE-1200 remote controlled

Just as on the IBC, we’re showing our RLC-1000 PC control center. With this control center, you can control the SE-1200 by IP from a distance, including a very low latency streaming multiviewer. With this software you can also control the PTC-150 cameras and a HDR-70 recorder. We’re also showing a new control panel for the SE-1200, which will come out later this year! This control panel will retail for $500, so the full combo of switcher and control panel can be obtained for less than $2000!

New HDMI cables

HDMI 2.0 is a great standard for 4K transmission. It carries all the signals you need, over reasonable great distances. It has one big downside, after about 15 meters it’s bye bye signal! We’ve found a solution. The Datavideo CB series HDMI cable has a great advantage; it uses fiber optic for transmission. We power a very small HDMI to optical fiber converter INSIDE the connector, using the power supplied by the socket. With this, we can create cables that can transfer 4K at 60Hz up to 100 meters! These cables will retail for $365 for 30 meters, $475 for 50 meters and $700 for 100 meters!


4K brings you all the resolution you ever wanted. But most of the time you downscale the signal to 1080p or even 720p for broadcasts or web streaming. Why not use that 4k resolution as basis for virtual cameras, and still have 1080p output? The KMU-100 works as follows: you have one or two big 4K stream. With the easy to use software you can select multiple 16:9 cutouts that are being sent to one of the 8 outputs. You can even set a motion to follow! These outputs can be sent to a switcher as separate channels. Creating virtual cameras out of 1 large feed becomes easy and cost effective with the KMU-100! The KMU-100 is still a prototype, we don’t know a retail price yet!