ISO Recording IMAG Live Event

Live Event IMAG

Datavideo's Live Event IMAG solution is a versatile and comprehensive system designed to enhance live event experiences. It begins with professional-grade cameras strategically positioned to capture multiple angles of the event, feeding into a central video switcher for seamless real-time switching. Advanced mixing and effects capabilities allow operators to enhance production quality and add visual appeal. Graphics and titling features overlay text, logos, and other graphical elements onto the live feed for informational and branding purposes.

Operators have access to monitoring and control tools for efficient management of the system, including previewing camera feeds and adjusting audio levels. The solution supports streaming and recording functionalities, enabling operators to broadcast the live feed to remote viewers or capture the event for archival purposes.

Overall, Datavideo's Live Event IMAG solution empowers event organizers and AV professionals to deliver immersive live event experiences, adaptable to various event sizes and types.


Large live events have a lot of IMAG screens in their building. This workflow is centered around the SE-3200 video switcher, which has 6 AUX outputs, allowing you to send individual AUX outputs to up to 6 IMAG screens. Using the HDR-90, you can ISO record for post production edits.


Solution Workflow

In the workflow, the Datavideo SE-3200 HD video switcher seamlessly integrates multiple camera feeds, including the PTC-140 pan-tilt-zoom camera controlled by the RMC-180 controller. Graphics and titling enhance the live feed. Audio integration ensures clear sound. The HDR-90 digital video recorder captures the event, while the NVS-35 streaming encoder enables live streaming to online platforms.  

This efficient workflow delivers professional-quality live event production, combining switching, mixing, recording, streaming, and control functionalities seamlessly.

Solution Benefits


Professional Quality

Professional-grade video production with high-definition cameras, advanced video switching, mixing, and effects capabilities, ensuring that the live event is visually appealing and engaging.


Seamless Integration

Datavideo's solution seamlessly integrates various components such as cameras, switchers, recorders, and controllers, providing users with a cohesive and efficient workflow for live event production.


Audience Experience

With dynamic video switching, mixing, and overlay capabilities, users can keep the audience engaged and entertained throughout the event, delivering a more immersive and memorable experience.


Versatile Applications

Datavideo's Live Event IMAG solution can be used for a wide range of live events, including concerts, conferences, sports events, worship services, and more. Its versatility makes it suitable for various industries and applications.


Professional Switcher Designed for Large Event Production

Datavideo SE-3200 is a lightweight switcher solution with the main unit mountable on the 19 inch rack. The control keyboard panel can be placed on a flat surface or built inside an outdoor broadcast van.

The SE-3200 switcher is equipped with 12 inputs (8x SDI+4x HDMI) and 9 outputs (6x SDI+3x HDMI) to help you produce a sophisticated and professional live event.

The SE-3200 switcher advanced features include 8x PIPs, FlexSource, 4x upstream keyers for chromakey, linear and luma keys as well as picture-in-picture, 2x DSKs, and 2x independent Animated logos, Stinger Transitions and a 2D Transition DVE. 

Variety of Video and Audio Input/Output

Crosspoint assignment (XPT) grants you the option of rerouting each physical in and output to any of the available buttons. No more ducking under the table for quick rerouting!



There is no need to install the driver to connect with the laptop. The images and videos can be directly input to the switcher through the HDMI interface of the laptop.

Producing the 2019 NAMM Show | Datavideo HS-3200 Portable Studio

This video shows you why the powerful HS-3200 all-in-one switcher was the best tool for mixing video at the Grand Plaza Stage. Watch as he highlights the most important features of this portable video switcher with built-in streaming and recording.

The PTC-140's onboard streaming encoder can encode up to 2 simultaneous streams to any cloud service, including Datavideo's dvCloud. It supports H.264 /H.265 video compression and dual stream output. Support RTSP, RTMPS protocols, easy to stream directly to your desired CDN streaming platform.


HD PTZ Camera with 20x Optical Zoom


The Camera supports compression of resolution up to 1920x1080 with frame up to 60fps and 2 channel 1920x1080p with 30fps compression. Advanced 2D/3D noise reduction allows you to create high quality images even in low light conditions.

Control real-time pan, tilt, and zoom camera movements with the RMC-180 MARK II Controller. With its ergonomic joystick and tactile button layout, the RMC-180 MARK II makes it easy to set up and control up to four Datavideo PTC-140 cameras for any live video production.


ProRes 4K Video Recorder

HDR-90 is a rack-mounted version for OB Vans or other integrated systems; The 4K recorders use a 10-bit ProRes 422 compressed codec for recording UHD 4K videos. Apple ProRes, a codec technology developed for high-quality, high-performance editing in Final Cut Pro X, is one of the most popular codecs in professional post-production.

The recorder has a high resolution 5” LCD touch screen on the front for video monitoring, device settings, and configuration. The monitor also provides a complete suite of scopes and calibration tools such as waveform, vectorscope, focus peaking to ensure perfect recording.


H.264 Streaming and Recording Simultaneously

The NVS-35 Dual Streaming Encoder is not only a streaming encoder, but also a professional video recorder. A variety of input types include HDMI and SDI video inputs and XLR balanced and RCA unbalanced audio inputs. The NVS-35 is able to simultaneously stream in heterogeneous network environments and record live high quality H.264 videos at different bitrates for various applications.

Datavideo NVS Encoder | Dual Streaming Live Music During Lockdown

Using the Datavideo NVS-34, Video Engineer Tony Filipic live streamed band performances to two Facebook Pages simultaneously from the Whisky A Go Go live music venue. He also gave the bands recordings of their performances on SD cards at the end of their sets. Using the NVS-34, this was all done simultaneously, avoiding the need for multiple separate devices for streaming and recording.


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