Portuguese Cut Sheets and Brochures

Download PDF cutsheets, brochures, and other marketing material for Portuguese customers.

Solutions Guide

DVS-100 Cut Sheet

NAMM 2016 Special

SE-1200 Switcher Cut Sheet

PTC-120 + RMC-190 Cut Sheet

HS-2200 Cut Sheet

HDR-10 Cut Sheet

TP-300 Cut Sheet

Press Enquires

Contact our Press Office with any of your press, Case Studies or PR enquiries by Emailing or calling us.

Press Contact

Cathy Balke - Datavideo US
Email: pr@datavideo.com
Tel: +1 562-696-2324

Valentijn Diemel - Datavideo EMEA
Email: valentijn@datavideo.nl
Tel: +31-30-261-96-56

Jessie Chin - Datavideo Asia/Pacific
Email: marketing@datavideo.sg
Tel: +65-6749 6866

Amit Mittal - Datavideo India
Email: marketing@datavideo.in
Tel: +91 120 242 7337

Bernice Van - Datavideo China
Email: marketing@datavideo.cn
Tel: +86-21-5603 6599

Angela Lin - Datavideo Taiwan
Email: marketing@datavideo.com.tw
Tel: +886-2-8227 2888

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Datavideo Colours

Datavideo Blue
Pantone: PMS Reflex Blue
CMYK Mix: C:100 M:96 Y:45 K:0
RGB Mix: R: 0 G:21 B:136
Web/Hex: #001588

Datavideo White
CMYK Mix: 0%/0%/0%/0% (knockout)
RGB Mix: 255/255/255
Web/Hex: #FFFFFF