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HD/SD 12-Channel Digital Video Switcher

SE-2850 is a multi-definition switcher designed for productions requiring 8 to 12 channels of HD or SD inputs. Being one of Datavideo’s most flexible switcher solutions, the SE-2850 is able to accept inputs in varying combinations of HD/SD SDI and HDMI. It is ready for every live production, giving producers the opportunity to output graphics with rich, visually appealing programming.

The SE-2850’s audio functionality allows it to connect an external mixer for a complete sound control. The SE-2850 also features all channel audio de-embedding and audio delay, and 4 dedicated XLR inputs. As an integrated Multimedia mixer, the SE-2850 can switch between up to 12 audio sources.

In addition to producing superb 4:2:2 10 bit broadcast quality pictures with versatile input/output configurations, the SE-2850 also has powerful, easy-to-use effects, such as dual picture in picture (PIP), downstream keyer (DSK), logo insertion and built-in title overlay system for the entry level Datavideo CG systems.

  • Supports 8 or 12 HD or SD Inputs in a variety of configurations:
    HD Mode: (1) 8 / 12 HD-SDI , (2) 6 / 9 HD-SDI + 2 / 3 HDMI
    SD Mode: (1) 8 / 12 SD-SDI , (2) 6 / 9 SDI + 2 / 3 HDMI (CVBS) , (3) 4 SDI + 4 CVBS , (4) 4 SDI + 2 CVBS + 2 HDMI
  • 6 user-defined output options on 4 SDI output channels.
  • User defined and positioned dual PIP.
  • Two downstream keyers (DSK) with a setup choice of basic Luma key or alpha channel.
  • Built-in title overlay system (TC-200) that works with entry level Datavideo CG systems.
  • Two independent LOGOS. 
  • Frame Store (FS) source for each input channel. 
  • Real-time clock featuring HH:MM:SS on the multi-screen.
  • Count down counter MM:SS.
  • User defined wipe buttons - choice of 17 wipes with optional border.
  • Support XPT cross point: XPT Video and XPT Audio.
  • Audio delay for each de-embedded audio source.
  • Two Audio output modes (Selectable on OSD):
    --“External analog Audio” - output SDI embedded audio is two stereo pairs from 4 analog audio inputs
    --“Audio Pass Through”- output SDI embedded audio is internal digital stereo pair
  • Remote control over an Ethernet network using a supplied PC application running on Windows 7 Operating System or above.
  • Separate, rack mountable processing unit.
  • Two GPI modes: Level / Pulse trigger selectable. 
  • 1x SE-2850 Main Unit
  • 1x SE-2850 Control Board
  • 1x AD Switch DC 12V with AC Cord
  • 1x DB9P TO DB9P Cable
  • 1x CB-41 / XLR to XLR Cable
  • 2x Extra button cap for wipe
  • 12x Screw
  • 2x 2U Ear Rack
  • 1x Thank You Card


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