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This complete workflow for small church productions takes advantage of two remote control cameras and DVD recording.

► 2 cameras included
► DVD recording
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The complete production workflow adds on-screen titles for verses, hymns, and more. In additional, the worship production can be streamed onto the internet and simultaneously recorded to USB.

► CG / on-screen text
► H.264 recording
► Video streaming
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The complete production workflow uses the KMU-100 to create up to 8 video angles using only 2 cameras. With an additional POV camera, this solution provides 9 video angles -- and yet it uses very little space. In addition, this workflow can record video in H.264, with simultaneous live streaming to the internet.

► Small footprint
► 9 camera angles
► Live streaming
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This setup is built around the SE-2200 HD Switcher, which has enough auxiliary outputs to send video to multiple IMAG screens in the worship center. There are enough outputs to simultaneously record the production, stream it, monitor it, and more.

► More auxiliary outputs
► Multiple IMAGs
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