For Datavideo customers in USA and Canada only, and it is offered through First Option Capital

Financing Means:

  • Approval within hours
  • 100% Financing
  • No hidden fees
  • Off balance sheet financing
  • Faster processing of your orders


  • Length of term ranges up to 60 months
  • Level, graduated and skip payment plans available
  • Fixed rates throughout the term
  • Early Pre-Payment options
  • For USA and Canada Only

Financing Application

To start financing the purchase of our products, please download our application form.

How to Apply

Your finance application will be processed through First Option Capital. They offer various payment options.

Required Documents

  1. Completed Credit Application from First Option Capital
  2. Quotation of products from Datavideo Corporation
Please submit the above documentations to Mr. Brandon Ebrahim. He will contact you directly for more details on your application and status of your credit application.

Once the credit has been approved, a customer is required to submit a purchase order to Datavideo and First Option Capital. Once First Option Capital receive the final invoice, which includes product serial numbers and the cost of freight with tax, they will approve the fund transfer and notify the customer and Datavideo.

How long does it take for the funds to be transferred to Datavideo?
It usually takes up to 24-36 hours for the funds to be transferred into Datavideo’s account.

When will the order be shipped to the customer?
Datavideo will ship the order within 24 hours after the funds have been received in our account.

How would the reseller get paid?
The invoice value will be full MSRP amount including Reseller’s commission. Funds will be deposited directly into Datavideo’s account. Datavideo will release the shipment within 24 hours to the customer. Reseller will need to submit an invoice for their commission (difference between sales price and dealer price) together with a 1099 form for the payment to Datavideo, and we will issue the check to reseller the following business day.

This financing program is provided strictly by unrelated third parties. Datavideo is not involved or liable for any cause of breach of the financing contract between the customer and First Option Capital or lenders.

Press Enquires

Contact our Press Office with any of your press, Case Studies or PR enquiries by Emailing or calling us.

Press Contact

Cathy Balke - Datavideo US
Tel: +1 562-696-2324

Valentijn Diemel - Datavideo EMEA
Tel: +31-30-261-96-56

Jessie Chin - Datavideo Asia/Pacific
Tel: +65-6749 6866

Amit Mittal - Datavideo India
Tel: +91 120 242 7337

Bernice Van - Datavideo China
Tel: +86-21-5603 6599

Angela Lin - Datavideo Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-8227 2888

Datavideo Logo

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Datavideo Colours

Datavideo Blue
Pantone: PMS Reflex Blue
CMYK Mix: C:100 M:96 Y:45 K:0
RGB Mix: R: 0 G:21 B:136
Web/Hex: #001588

Datavideo White
CMYK Mix: 0%/0%/0%/0% (knockout)
RGB Mix: 255/255/255
Web/Hex: #FFFFFF