Become a Reseller


Be entitled to the following benefits, and more!:

Dedicated personal service

  • Exclusive sales force incentive programs
  • Capitalization on demand for Datavideo products in vertical industries
  • Increased customer satisfaction and success stories

Required Qualifications

Mandatory for all Datavideo Dealers

You must be located in North America or South America.

You must have an audience-specific website that explains what you do and what video-related products you represent. You must also have at least one non-residential location where you either show equipment or build systems. You must, within 30 days of your approval as a Datavideo reseller include Datavideo products on your website in the same way that you present your other products for resale. We have photos and banners available in our image library.

Your first purchase order must be for at least $2,500.00 at Dealer cost. Since we have no stocking requirement we ask that you purchase only what you need and pay for all that you purchase.

Checking your credit references:

We will contact your credit references one time and we will include you in the request for credit information. After that, it is your responsibility to ensure that we receive all the relevant information from the references provided.

All accounts with no activity in 12 consecutive months automatically become inactive. To reactivate your account a new dealer application will have to be submitted.

How to Apply

Reseller Application

Please download the Datavideo Reseller Application below. You can choose to download either the PDF or MS Word version of the application, at your convenience. For Latin American Dealers, please select one of the appropriate Latin American-specific applications below.

Please fax your completed application to (562) 698-6930.

Press Enquires

Contact our Press Office with any of your press, Case Studies or PR enquiries by Emailing or calling us.

Press Contact

Cathy Balke - Datavideo US
Tel: +1 562-696-2324

Valentijn Diemel - Datavideo EMEA
Tel: +31-30-261-96-56

Jessie Chin - Datavideo Asia/Pacific
Tel: +65-6749 6866

Amit Mittal - Datavideo India
Tel: +91 120 242 7337

Bernice Van - Datavideo China
Tel: +86-21-5603 6599

Angela Lin - Datavideo Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-8227 2888

Datavideo Logo

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Datavideo Colours

Datavideo Blue
Pantone: PMS Reflex Blue
CMYK Mix: C:100 M:96 Y:45 K:0
RGB Mix: R: 0 G:21 B:136
Web/Hex: #001588

Datavideo White
CMYK Mix: 0%/0%/0%/0% (knockout)
RGB Mix: 255/255/255
Web/Hex: #FFFFFF